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Join our Restaurant buying group which purchases supplies in bulk to get the very best deals for both parties. We have a wide variety of hospitality establishments as members and many have differing needs, but by pooling needs and requirements and negotiating in bulk, great deals can be achieved. We have fantastic relationships with top quality vineyards, breweries and everyday product suppliers with whom we negotiate depending on the needs of our members.

Membership is free, you will be shown the products and prices in advance at either tastings or through information/samples sent & from there you make your commitment to purchase. We have a minimum case requirement on wine to be able to ship efficiently and options to purchase must reach this minimum to make the deals happen - essentially, the more required, the better the deal.

All products once into the country are stored plus delivered for you; all taxes, duty etc are included in the price so you know exactly what to charge your customers. The wine products have been the most successful to date typically earning GP's of 70-75% and giving great cash margin too.

To become a member please fill in the details below & we will be in touch shortly.

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